Mac Os X: Command line

List of commands

Change user shell, with chsh (add or change user database information), next changes to zsh:

chsh -s /bin/zsh

Extend Command line tools


Homebrew installs the stuff you need that Apple didn’t.




Install with brew:

brew install gettext

Installs the libraries and the utilities:

autopoint envsubst gettext gettextize msgattrib msgcat msgcmp msgcomm msgconv msgen msgexec msgfilter msgfmt msggrep msginit msgmerge msgunfmt msguniq ngettext recode-sr-latin xgettext

But doesn’t add to your path! You need to modify the env. variable $PATH:

vi ~/.bash_profile

And add to the end or modify previous declarations:

export PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/opt/gettext/bin


growlnotify is a command line tool to display notifications from the command line with Growl.

For example, lauchn a fake notification from Disk Utility:

growlnotify -t "Warning" -a Disk\ Utility -m "Replace your disk!"

More interesting is use a custom image icon, with the –image parameter:

growlnotify -t "My App notification" --image icatpy/icat.png  -m "Hello!"


imagemagick is a image processing program; it’s a group of commandline programs: convert, mogrify...

SVG support

Install using brew and the command -with-librsvg:

brew install imagemagick --with-libsrvg librsvg


Convert svg to png using inkscape, first you must download and install Inkscape:

/Applications/ -f test.svg -e test.png

Remove MacOsX custom files from zip

To see the contents of a zip file:

unzip -l filename

To remove zip contents, for example everithing inside __MACOSX:

zip [filename] -d __MACOSX/*